Mark Creegan

Mark Creegan

1971, Tampa, FL



Instagram: @thedopeyformalist

Assistant Professor of Drawing and Design
Florida State College at Jacksonville

Mark Creegan creates works using various mediums and formats including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, and performance.

Pervading most of Creegan’s work is a playful and improvisational engagement with material, color, form, and display. Using various objects such as cassette tape, hairnets, combs, shark’s teeth, and watercolor sets, Creegan transforms often crude discarded objects into uncanny formal arrangements.

Recently, Creegan has been involved in a series of drawings that morph into sculpture/installation. His ongoing Hooks VS Checks series uses hundreds of quickly drawn linear ink drawings using two repeated motifs. These are collaged into stand-alone works or made into cascading paper tapestries to display from ceiling to floor. These larger collaged works take on a monumental and topographical presence and envelop the viewer in an obsessive, childlike world of organized scribbles.